Park Farm Right of Way

A final article for now on Blantyre’s Right of Ways. Taken from a council book in the late 1970s, it tells of a right of way at Sydes Brae, in High Blantyre. This may be more commonly known to Blantyre residents as “Rabscore”.

Park Farm Road Right of Way, Council reference H/7

“A farm track half mile long with wire fencing, small trees and shrubs on either side, 12 feet at its widest. It is used as an access to fields on either side. It comes out onto Park Farm Road near the farm.

The map of 1898 shows this road going past a belt of Conifer Trees and a Quarry. There is a track going into this quarry from Parkneuk Road running parallel to this right of way. Beside this quarry on an older map there is marked an ironstone pit, of which there were a few in the area. Also indicated – was a sulphurous spring alongside the Red Burn behind Park Farm. The Right of Way appears to have been part of this road network in this area where Quarries, Ironstone Pits and Coal Mines abounded. 

There is a profusion of ground flora, very varied and colourful along this right of way and numerous small birds including Great Tits, Blue Tits, Chaffinch, Yellowhammer and Redwings in Winter.”

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