Blantyre Cosmos 80s

Blantyre boys football team, “Blantyre Cosmos”. Going from the ages of the boys, it’s possibly in 1981.

Amongst the faces are David Gardner, Scott Crossar, Mark Dempster, Gerry Simpson, Stuart Mourning, Stephen Phairs, Brendan McNutt, Joe Rice, Jim Wylie and Paul Burke. Do you know the other boys, where this was or the exact year?

Blantyre Comos

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David Gardner Stephen Jack, Paul McDermott, Jason Bain also in there. Possibly 1981 …..I’m thinking Hasties Farm, but know a couple of the boys think it might be Cemetery Hall

Christine De Little 1983 … I think I was 21 at time lol!

Ann Crossar Scott Crossar Paul McDermott Stephen Phairs

Carole Mackie Rickard I’m perplexed as I recognise most of the names but none of the faces – not even Stephen Phairs ! Which one are you?

Linda Ritchie Stephen phairs is right above the shield in the long black tie and white shirt. He’s the only one I think I recognize but could be wrong lol.

Carole Mackie Rickard Thanks Linda, I’m glad your memory is as bad as mine!

Liz Jack Don’t think it was Hasties Frank mc Carvey was at that one don’t recognise the men at the back have got a few good pictures of the Cosmos over the years

David Gardner Think they’re St Mirren players Liz

Iain Crichton I think i recognise Alan Hughes. Top row, third from the right. i could be wrong.Cosmos where pish..leicester city boys club where better.

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