Boathouse Right of Way

Concerns amongst people in Blantyre about their right to walk alongside the River Clyde were relayed to local councillors in October 1930. The article in Motherwell Times stated,

“The near future likely is to see a bit of furore over an ancient right-of-way leading to the River Clyde. The path has been closed to the public, and the matter was raised recently in the Fifth District Council (Blantyre and East Kilbride). At the monthly meeting of the Council, the Clerk intimated that he had made inquiries into the closing of the footpath.

The path, he said, led to old boat-house which was now disused, and the boat itself had at some time been swept away by the river when it was in spate. In former the boat was used for getting from the Blantyre to the Bothwell bank of the river, and in those days a “toll” of twopence was demanded for the ferry boat across.

In later times, however, the owner of Blantyreferme Colliery had erected a footbridge for the convenience of his employees travelling to and from Uddingston. The old footpath, he understood, was being claimed as private property, and had now been closed to the public. Councillor Kellv said the footbridge had been erected at the colliery owner’s own option, but that did not affect the path to the river, which, he claimed, was a genuine right-of-way. It led to one of the most beautiful parts of the river, and was a favourite walk with large numbers of the public. “

Pictured around 1900  at Boatland (also known as Boat Jocks) is Jessie Hunter Brown standing in the ferry boat, which she herself may have worked on. An incredible photo, courtesy of Jim Brown.

1880 christina brown

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Alison Walker-Hill Wondering about the house in the background……presuming the photo is taken from the Bothwell/Uddingston side?

The Blantyre Project Hi Alison. No, photo was definitely taken at Boatland on the Blantyre side not far from Blantyreferme. It looks over to Uddingston /Bothwell side. The house across the river at Uddingston is ‘Meadowbank. ‘ I dont know much about it but do know its not there today but was during WW2.

Suzanne Logue That photo is creepy as f.

Susan Dunn McMurray That’s a fab pic!!

Marianne Stark Aitken Love this!

The Blantyre Project Exact same area in 2013, photographed by Jim Brown.

The Blantyre Project's photo.

Colin Wotherspoon Is that Meadowbank House in the background Looks like it we stayed there in !958 it was made into three flats owned by the NCB

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