Blantyre Celtic 1980

I received this message from Steve Murphy back in early January 2016.

“Hi Paul – I have always known that my Grandfather was involved with Blantyre Celtic and after coming across a few old photographs I decided to have a wee search and came across your website on the Blantyre Project.

In the section for Blantyre Celtic there is a photograph of the 1946-47 Squad at Hampden which my grandfather was part of, he is the gentleman in the bottom left, “Peter Murphy”. He is also in the 1st of the attached photographs. The attached photographs were taken by my father, Hugh Murphy, on 27th September 1980  some of which show Paul Wilson and Jimmy Johnstone, although I’m not sure of the occasion. The quality is not great  but they may be of interest to you. Regards, Steve Murphy.”

Do you know any of the other players?

On social media:

Tom McGuigan I used to train with that team Played a couple of games as a trialist. Great bunch!

Jean Orr My ex – husband harry Mcdade played with them that year, I recognise the goalie who was willie mcpike from coats hill ave

Ann Mc Ardle My dad was a linesman for Blantyre celtic’s for a number of years x

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