The 2015 Rain Shelter


I was meaning to post this all throughout 2015. Back in March 2015, David Livingstone Trust unveiled the new iron rain shelter at David Livingstone Centre. Located in the gardens near the bottom of the steps behind the Africa Pavillions, the iron shelter stands approx 4m tall with a pitched roof. The walls and roof has a design in it, which I have to admit doesn’t make it entirely rainproof. As such, the structure which dates from March 2015 is more of a folly, with little attention given to the ground around it.

It does however redeem itself fully in the form of another talking point in the grounds themselves and a nice touch is that the walls are punctured to read with the old regulations from 20th July 1839, for the nearby former ferry crossing for Blantyre Works Mills, at a time some 13 years before Monteith built the first suspension bridge.

Crossing fares ranged from between halfpenny and a rather expensive sixpence which would have involved waking up the ferryman at night. Fares probably set at that to discourage being out of the village at dusk or night. My photos from March 2015 are attached.

It is worth a look next time you’re down near Station Road and the Centre grounds. The David Livingstone Centre is currently closed until 2017 for renovation.

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