Mr McGinty at Caldervale – 1930s


Pictured here around the 1930’s is Mr McGinty of Caldervale/ Finmeoot. Shared by Helen Reilly, she added, “This is my great granddad, Mr McGinty of Caldervale”.

The 1930 valuation roll, i found shows McGintys living at number 10 Caldervale Terrace. The photo shows a rare view of the front of the Caldervale terraced homes. Attached also is a colourised photo of Caldervale taken in the late 1940’s or early 1950s.

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  1. Hi Thomas, sorry, I’m standing by my post. The McGintys were indeed living at number 10 Caldervale Terrace in 1930 as i mentioned. Also the photo is not 1920s. The electricity pylon in the background was not installed until just after WW2. I’m quite particular about accuracy, so I hope this clarifies.

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