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Always great when this happens, families connecting and realising they’re related due to something they read on Blantyre Project.

Today, we’ve united and introduced to each other, Morag Graham with Diane Liddell. The ladies are now emailing back and forth. (They share the same ancestry back in the early 1900’s with Samuel Liddell and Mary McIntosh)


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  1. As i continue my research on and my connection with Morag I now need help in finding links to the following folks. Mary Neilson Mackintosh b. 6.9.1897…I can find no birth record for her. Her parents were Donald McKay Macintosh, b.1823 and mother Margaret Fraser b. 1833, d.4.2.1925.
    Regarding Samuel Liddell b.1.15.1898 married to Mary Neilson Macintosh, looking for Samuels parents…possibly?? David Liddell and Isabella Liddell
    Thank you

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