Crossbasket Clarifications

I thought I would clear up a few points often asked about Crossbasket. Accompanying photos were taken by myself at Crossbasket Estate back on 23rd March 2015, during the renovation.

Clarification 1 – Is it Crossbasket or Crossbaskets or Cross Basket?

It is Crossbasket. There are no historical records stating the word “Crossbaskets”, which seems to be a local word incorrectly used. Similarly the word is one i.e Crossbasket, not separated into two words.

Clarification 2 – Is Crossbasket in High Blantyre?

More difficult one. Crossbasket is commonly referred to by the postal service as High Blantyre, an arrangement of convenience, just as the properties on Stoneymeadow Road are. As touched upon previously, much of Crossbasket lays in East Kilbride Parish, not Blantyre, so officially it is part of Kilbride. However, since it has a G72 Blantyre postcode and given proximity to Blantyre, I will use the reference and current understanding that it is in High Blantyre.

Clarification 3 – Is it Crossbasket House or Crossbasket Castle?

During research, I found it was originally and mostly called a house, although fortified to some extent. As the Centuries gave way, it became more commonly known as a Castle. Reporters often referred to it simply as “Crossbasket” or “Mansion House” as it was so well known. Safe to say, with several grand extensions, the house “became castle like” and I have no problem in calling it that today, as is the term now locally known. Officially now rebranded as Crossbasket Castle, the term Crossbasket House is destined to be confined to history.

(c) “History of Crossbasket Castle featuring Tales of Crossbasket” by Paul D Veverka

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