Bullocks behind the Counter


farm02Great excitement prevailed in Blantyre on Tuesday 8th March 1932, when three bullocks which were being driven along Glasgow Road got out of hand and ran wild for a time, ending up in baker’s shop.

The animals were being driven to the county abattoir in Forrest Street when a passing motor car apparently frightened them. They ran along the street and pedestrians scattered in all directions.

In their wild stampede the animals ran through closes and into various backyards. They eventually found their way into a tearoom and baker’s shop owned by Mr A. Benyham, at 146 Glasgow Road. The back door of the shop was open and two of the excited animals dashed through, finding their way behind the counter of the front shop.

Mrs Benyham was serving a customer in the tearoom at the time, and she made her escape by leaping over the counter. The drovers were quickly on the scene and, by skilful handling, got the animals out of the shop, and they were driven off.

Former address, 146 Glasgow Road was on the north side of the road not far from where the sports centre is now. Picture not of Blantyre (for illustration only)

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