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1932 Auchinraith colliery blantyre project

1932 Auchinraith Colliery

The Auchinraith Colliery was in trouble by Summer 1931. On Saturday 22nd August 1931, the directors of S.C.W.S (Scottish Co-op) issued a press release saying they had decided to definitely not go ahead and buy the colliery, based on a report they received from engineers. The statement was a disappointing blow to many people who had hoped the Co-op would save the mine and local job prospects.

Following the closure of Auchinraith Colliery in August 1931, a sale of the equipment took place on the site some 6 months later. Reports were as follows:

“Coalmasters with their accredited agents and managers from all parts of Scotland were present on Tuesday 15th March 1932, for the opening of a three days’ sale of the colliery and electric plant Auchinraith Collieries, Blantyre, belonging originally to Messrs Merry and Cunninghame, Ltd., now in liquidation.

The auctioneers were Messrs Shirlaw, Allan and Co., Hamilton, whose chief partner, Mr James Reid, carried out the disposal on Tuesday of some 400 lots in the offices, ambulance room, general and oil stores, smithy, and workshops.

Prices ruled fairly high, and in the smithy, coal-cutter pick-sharpener of the Sullivan Machinery Company fetched £66. Three phase squirrel cage motors made prices ranging from £13 to £31. The motor room two three-phase high tension motors realised £47 and £43, flame-proof controllers went at £17 each, while sets of flame-proof panels and switches brought £44 each. Ambulance outfits, including smokehelmets and rescue apparatus, went cheaply, while the brick building of the offices and thd bricks assembled for an extension contemplated there at one time made only £7 and 10s.”

Auchinraith Colliery was situated beside the current timber housing estate, just off Auchinraith Road. Pictured near the time of its abandonment, is Auchinraith Colliery.

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