Guys Sweet Shop, Glasgow Road

Image000I think this photo dates from the 1940s. Sent in by Alison Morgan, it features Mrs Guy’s sweet shop in Glasgow Road.

Located in Harts Land (where now the sports centre is now across from Asda), this must have been an amazing place for kids peering in through the window on Glasgow Road. At the time that this photo was taken the shop sold some groceries as well as sweets.

Susan Guy was born on 29th June 1888, Died 1950 aged 62.
She was the daughter of Hugh and Catherine Guy. The Guy family owned this sweetie shop on Glasgow Rd.

Alison told me, “I’ve always loved this one of Susan. I also love the little dog, the way she’s petting it. She obviously loved the little dog too.”

Years later another Hugh Guy had the ‘Guys School Of Motoring’ in the 1960’s. It was in those days one of the only driving schools in Blantyre. Hugh taught many many Blantyre people how to drive. He now lives Millport. His sister Maureen still lives in station Road.

On social media:

Lesley Russell My saturday treat with my granpa was to get a bag of sweets from here.

Marian Maguire Taught my husband to drive.

Trisha Mcginty My mum tells me how it was when she was growing up in the 40 + 50 ‘s 

Lillias Addison Hugh guy taught me to drive

Alex Rochead Hugh Guy taught me to drive same as so many people in Blantyre. He must have been a good teacher as I past first time!!

The Blantyre Project did you sit your test on Blantyre ferme road. I heard this was a good test ground!

Alex Rochead No for some reason I say my test in the Rutherglen area. I thought I had made too many mistakes but it worked out OK.

Moyra Lindsay Taught me too. Passed first time. 1968 we sat our test in Motherwell then. Blantyreferme was for steering practice.

Moyra Lindsay Hugh’s mum had the sweetie shop in the 50s then he had it for the diving school. His dad was the lolly pop man just outside your house, Paul, and at my shop. He was very strict, nobody messed with him!
Stephen Allan I do not know any driving schools in blantyre now.

The Blantyre Project there seemed to be LOADS in the 80s. You’re right though, you dont see them about often now.

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