Fog Signals & Simple Pleasures


oranges_-_bunchIt’s the little simple things in life we have forgotten about. This new year report is from Blantyre in 1903.

THE NEW YEAR.—All the public works in the district closed on Wednesday for the holidays. At the collieries, work will generally be resumed on Monday. The usual ringing of bells and the blowing or horns, as well as firing fog signals took place at the change of the old year into the new. During the day, bands paraded the streets and played the appropriate old tune, “A guid New Year tae ane an’ a’”

The streets were fairly busy with holiday-makers. At the Livingstone Memorial Church, the Sabbath school children attended at the church in the morning, and were shortly addressed by Rev. Mr Hugh. On retiring from the church, each child was presented with an orange.”

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