Weird River Object in Clyde

Andy Bain shared these bizarre photos with me back in October 2015. As I schedule all photos received, I’m only just getting round to posting them now. (Apologies Andy)

Andy says, “Having taken a walk down by the Clyde on the Blantyre side at the popular fishing area, I was taking photos of the old building at the waters edge & when I turned round and noticed this sticking out of the water. I retrieved it to have a closer look but I’m still puzzled. I thought it was rock formation at first, but as it dries out it’s getting lighter in weight, any ideas??”

I have to say, it looks old and organic, the cold water or river bed perhaps preserving it to some extent. The fact that it got lighter drying out, also suggests that what we’re seeing is bone and organic tissue. The horn and  other missing horn socket would however suggest its part of perhaps a cow skull and neck, although I’m not clued up enough on this to say for certain. Perhaps the farmers amongst us can confirm? I have no idea of scale, so if it’s small, then perhaps it was some kind of goat or ram?

It would be interesting to get this dated as looking at its condition, i’d say it was almost at the point of being fossilised and hardened. Does the Clyde have mutant fish? I’m not so sure, but this was indeed a most strange find.

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Stuart Charlton Is it a species of Shark Egg ?

The Blantyre Project i honestly have no idea and open to suggestions…..

Maryclare Nelson Grace Letham, would Robert have any ideas ?

Andrew Wood Bit of elder wood

Geoff Brownlie Old tree root can see wood grain if you look close enough

Susan Dunsmuir Ambergris? It looks like it may have been an object that may have been ingested accidentally by some form of sea life.

The Blantyre Project It reminds me of John Carpenters film, “The Thing”!

Suzie Neill Strange but interesting x

Jim Cochrane Looks like what’s left of a bit knot on a tree trunk.

Alan Baird im going along the same line as jim cochrane here it looks like a gnarly old bit of tree and timber does get lighter as it dries out , you could ty nicking it with a saw or a chisel and see then what occurs ?

The Blantyre Project i wondered if it could have been something to do with the mills. Spindles with yarn woven around and around it? I do think whatever this is, its old.

Darren Jameson Unicorn horn! 

Andy Mckinnon Lightning strike on sand perhaps?

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