Views from the Brickie 2015

These lovely green photos were taken in September 2015, by Blantyre man Robert Stewart, who kindly shared them here.

Pictured is High Blantyre, from the brickie. The views pictured are towards Calderside Road, which Robert admits is a personal favourite spot, and also a further view of Calderside Road itself, looking back down the hill northwards towards the East Kilbride Expressway.

It’s a reminder of how beautiful Blantyre can be in late summer and seems so far removed from these dark, winter evenings.

On social media:

Elizabeth Weaver What great memories these photographs evoke. Long walks up the brickie on summer evenings with our Uncle John Scott (remember, Brian Weaver, how he used to wear a knotted hankie on his head to keep the midges off? How we laughed!) and our spaniel called Rover – and many years later, the occasional romantic stroll with a boyfriend wink emoticon So glad to see the trees are still there. A lovely reminder of summer, and days gone by. Beautiful photos.

Jim Cochrane Walked that road thousands of times,although I used to shortcut over Jimmy Shields corner field when the railway embankment was still there.

Jim Cochrane The main water pipe from the Daer reservoir to EK is under that bit of road.

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