Veverka Christmas 1991

Continuing my own look back at Christmas past. This time it’s a Veverka Christmas from 1991. A nice short post today, to let you all get back to your festivities.

Out of many photographs, I’ve picked these two, which are favourites. In the group photo is me at the back (aged 20 and presumably after a sunbed!), and my siblings, Joanne, Ivan and Lorna Veverka. Our Samoyed dog, always managed to get in the photos too. My youngest sister Lorna, now Lorna MacGregor had the misfortune of being born on Christmas Day! SO, every year when we were all kids, we’d open all our presents, then Lorna would have another set to open for her birthday! Some people may not be keen on a Christmas Day birthday, but hey! There’s a famous historical carpenter from Galilee who shares the same birthday and “oor Lorna”. Lorna is now 32 with 2 children….her husband Andy runs ‘In Town Rehearsal Studio’ in High Blantyre Industrial Estate.

I’m off to do the rounds, phoning them all to wish them, just as I wish you all, a very Merry Christmas! Have fun!

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