The Larkfield Bar 2009

12339532_1012470472146295_6671993652344591147_oNot to be confused with the older Larkfield Bar that used to be across the road from this, here’s my photo from 2009 of the former Manhatten / Finbars pub which then was ‘The Larkfield Bar.’

The quiet car park pictured by comparison to the packed, full car park of John Carrigans today, shows how this business is now prospering by comparison to that time. I have to admit, I didn’t go into the Larkfield very much at that time. This whole scene is about to change early next year when this little building is completely demolished to make way for the 2nd phase of the excellent state of the art new pub, “Carrigans Blantyre”. 

Whats your memories of the post Millennium Larkfield?

Ronnie Woods Eddie Collins had his bakery on the site demolished it and built the pub

Gail Smith Remember it back in the 70ees early 80ees when it was a shop

Wendy Wilson Looks more like a nuclear bunker!

Arlene Campbell Bakery never completely demolished .. Was added to the front by the joining back entrance toilets .. The pool room and beyond into the pump room had remnants of the old bakery ( Lower ceiling / thicker walls

Gordon Paterson Used to go in from High Blantyre Primary School (when it was a shop) and buy a sausage roll which Eddie Collins would heat up in the then new microwave. These were the greasiest sausage rolls ever known to mankind.

John Daly Used to buy malt and invert sugar by the gallon from Eddie Cairns for my dad who brewed his own beer.

Marian Maguire At least Blantyre seems to be getting a few more up market restaurants now, as there was not much to bring friends to. Hope Blantyre is on the up now.

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