Crossbasket Transformation

I thought I’d compare these pre 2010 photos of Crossbasket with the same locations now, following the amazing transformation.

The old 2010 photos by Stranton show a derelict building, not watertight, damp with mould growing up the insides. Lacking any sort of decent heating, uninsulated, cold and unlit, the Grade A Listed Crossbasket House was threatened to be lost forever.

Then in 2011, The Timoneys acquired the property and began their extensive £9m renovation over several years. From the depths of despair, arose a magnificent building, with state of the art building materials, warm, insulated and protected against the elements. However, it was the touches of luxury and fine craftmanship that made this building worthy of its new title, Crossbasket Castle.

I’ll be bringing you much more about Crossbasket in the coming weeks, but here’s just a taster of the kind of renovation thats taken place.

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