1970 Joe and Janet Veverka Christmas

As we approach Christmas, thoughts can often turn to those loved ones no longer with us. Pictured here in December 1970, are my own parent Joe and Janet Veverka in the front Living room at Stonefield Crescent. They’re both just 23 years old and mum was 7 months pregnant with me, their first child.

The pictures exude happiness and why shouldn’t they? This was the end of their first year together in Scotland, my dad moving from Prague and marrying my mother a year earlier. I vaguely recall we had a cat called “Rags” featured in the little basket under the TV. The open coal fire, mantlepiece clock and even christmas cards on a string on the wall will be remembered by other Blantyre families. I miss my parents tremendously. They died so young at only 60 and 62 and never saw any of the five grandchildren they have today. It’s appropriate i’m posting this today on 22nd December as they were married in Prague on 22nd December 1969, today would have been their anniversary.

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Thomas Barrett Lovely memories paul my sixteenth birthday.

Trisha Mcginty It was a lot different bk in they days m?

Elaine Currie Akelis Lovely photos Paul.

Bill Graham Good old days Paul. The TV reminded me of ours, we got ours from Radio Rentals, I remember us going into Hamilton to pay it every month I think. Very few people could afford to buy them so every one rented them. At New Year we all used to watch the white heather club and Andy Stewart.

The Blantyre Project Annalily, my daughter is almost 4. I showed her this picture a few weeks ago when it was scheduled to show her gran and papa she didnt know. She zoomed in on the TV asking what the aerial was for and laughed when i said you had to get up and go and press the buttons on the TV. Kids….they got it good these days! lol

Helen Williams Very much the Xmas scene I remember Paul, happy memories to share with your kids.

Elizabeth Weaver Same age as me, exactly. How sad it is that they didn’t live to see their grandchildren – but they’re both just glowing with happiness in that picture. Sounds like a true love story – they were lucky to find each other.

The Blantyre Project i still string my cards up on the wall to this day. wink emoticon

Alison Glen Fond memories of your parents Paul when they visited Ivan and also out walking the dogs.

James Stirling val doonican on the telly lol

The Blantyre Project at least i cant take the blame for that! lol

Kathleen Byrne Clarke Shinning stars looking down, RIP Joe & Janet. Many a laugh with your mum! xx

Janet Mcmillan Just lovely xxx

Andy Callaghan Looks like your folks stole our whole Christmas house Paul, right down to the telly. Nice post. Let’s all remember to have a wee toast on Christmas day to “absent friends”

Helen Mclaughlin Val doonigan on tv too lol

Ronnie Woods Nice photos looks like your dad has the same jumper as Val Dominican on the TV lol

Lillias Addison My best friend who I very sadly miss

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