Robert Dickson at Clyde Cottage


1960s Robert Dickson at Clyde Cottage, shared by G Anderson

1950s Robert Dickson at Clyde Cottage, shared by G Anderson

Graeme Anderson told me, “Robert Dickson that you mentioned in your recent Acuhentibber aeroplane article, is my mum’s uncle. Robert lived at Clyde Cottage on Sydes Brae and run the market garden, selling plants from the roadside. He didn’t pass away until 1998. He sold Clyde Cottage in the mid 1980’ds and move to Kirkton Avenue in High Blantyre. His friends were Robert and Jessie Nimmo who moved. My mum thinks they moved away. Nearby, Auchentibber farm was owned by Kate and Jim Longmuir (brother and sister) who bought the farm about 1958. I only have small memory of Clyde Cottage myself as my Great Uncle sold it when I was about 4 or 5.”

Clyde Cottage still exists today, the house on the left at Sydes Brae as you go up the hill, the house before the junction to Auchentibber Road.

Pictured is Robert Dickson at Clyde Cottage, likely in the 1950s.

On social media:

Jane Davies Robert & Jessie Nimmo moved to Ontario, Canada & were the parents of Margaret Nimmo Lehmann. Robert was my cousin.

Janet Thornton I remember being sent up to buy veg from him as a child.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Paul, that photo of Robert would be late 40s, it was taken before I was born and I have it in an album, with a few others taken that day with my mother, Robert’s sister Jean and their mother in a wheel chair, as well as another lady, my brother would have been about 8 at the time, so I’m guessing 1948.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Graeme, I have a crystal vase Jean Dickson sent to me in 1971 as a wedding gift (here in Canada).

James Stirling robert dickson, a true gentleman

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