Blantyre Vics 1992 and 1996 Teams

These two photos are of Blantyre Vics. Playing from their Castle Park grounds at Forrest Street, the teams pictured are in 1992 and 1996.

Amongst the 1992 team are Dougie Borland, Tommy MacDonald, Stevie McHugh and Harry McDade. The 1996 photo, (the one with the wee boy at front) includes Tommy Goodwin, Jim Allan, John Paul Darcy , Dougie Brownies, Mark Lang, Tommy Maider, Harry Mcdade, John Mccabe and Gary Shearer. Do you know the other players or the coaches?

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Jacob Derek McDade Glad I didn’t take my hairstyle from my Dad mate lol

Alan Lappin The 1996 one, he looks like Claire with a mouser! 

Jean Orr Heh!!!!

Alan Lappin Sorry Jean! 🙈

Jacob Derek McDade That’s how she’s looking these days anyway

Alan Lappin

Jonathan Downie I watched those teams. Big Jim Allan was superb!

Jean Orr The 1992 committee is Jim Wylie, Tommy Paterson & the goalie is Graham Nisbet. Margaret your dad will be able to name the rest x
Jean Orr The manager was Tommy Coghill

Claire Mcdade Thanks Alan lol Jacob I shaved this morning! X

Nicola Paterson Aggie look your uncle Dougie xx

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