Blantyre Set to Expand

A major announcement today, with Blantyre set to expand in size.

Announced this week (Dec 15), is the progression of 172 dwelling houses forming a brand new housing estate in High Blantyre. The development has been rumoured for some time and even once submitted to planning a while back. Now plans are firmed up, the homes look set now to progress with construction. The location is directly opposite the current Salveson Homes, across the road at Shott. The fields are currently steeply elevated and its a greenfield site. The new homes are to be built between Kirkgate at Craigmuir, up behind Shott House , right up to Smellie’s House opposite the entrance to Greenhall. On the south it will be bordered by the East Kilbride Expressway. The Shott Farm building appears to be set to be demolished to make way for the development, which will have an entrance halfway up the hill, from Blantyre.

Homes vary in size and cost, proposed to be built by Avant. I’ve attached some plans to show the various construction phases and type of homes expected. On one hand, we lose some more greenbelt, but on another, its out the way and should attract more people to Blantyre, at a time when the latest census shows a declining trend towards people leaving. I think I am swinging towards being ALL FOR IT! I want to see people coming to Blantyre but have no desire to see Main Street, Kirkton, Hunthill and Douglas Street suddenly becoming very, very busy but I’m sure developers will take this into consideration. This is an enormous estate, almost three times the size of the Salveson.

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