Blantyre Priory – Stereo View from 1860


1860 Blantyre Priory - one of oldest known photos. Shared by G Cook

1860 Blantyre Priory – one of oldest known photos. Shared by G Cook

This is one of the oldest known photographs of Blantyre. It is reputed to be from 1860, from a stereo view. (early photography technique that enhanced the image to create an almost 3d effect). The building in the background is easily identifiable as Bothwell Castle ruins, the building in the foreground is Blantyre Priory.

What is remarkable about this early photo is that the Blantyre Priory is still out in the open, adjacent to the open fields. Today it is devoured by the Priory Plantation, woodlands which surround and engulf our oldest building. The 1859 map confirms the priory sitting at the edge of the field in its own compound, away from most of the trees.

60 years later, in the 1920’s photos show these trees to be considerably larger, thicker and surrounding the priory. Today, those trees are absolutely massive, the ruins themselves deep inside the woods.

In the original photo, between the buildings , down below the Blantyre Craig (the name of the rock the Priory sits on), runs the River Clyde. Thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing.

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Nicola Paterson You can see the castle from the fields of what used to be my papas farm craigknowe farm which after he passed my gran had to sell and is now a haulage firm xx

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  1. I love reading about the history of Blantyre. Must get back about the Gemmells soon. Thanks Paul.

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