Auchentibber Farm Destroyed

It’s with the utmost sadness I have to report this morning, Tuesday 8th December 2015, that another old Blantyre building was lost. Auchentibber Farm caught alight and was attended by the Fire Brigade at around 9.30am this morning. The blaze is under control, but the roof and internal features of the farm are gone for good.

It is unknown under what circumstances the fire started, but this building has drawn some attention in recent months for being laying empty.

This beautiful farm building was likely to have given its name to the whole area and is one of the oldest known buildings in Blantyre. I’ll be reporting more on this as and when the facts become available. Gutted.


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  1. Hello,

    I am currently trying to find out who owns Auchentibber farm. I know it was sold in November 2015 but there doesn’t seem to have been any work done, possibly due to the fire. I would be looking to buy and restore the buildings. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Andy – I think South Lanarkshire Council may be able to assist with this. Thats wonderful that somebody would want to restore what is one of Blantyres oldest buildings. It deserves a new owner and renovation, rather than demolition. Unfortunately, I don’t know who owns it, but will do some digging around to see if i can find out. I know that the land around amounting to 17ha all around it in 360 degrees is currently up for sale for £125k, but this does not include the farm. The land is on the SLC planning portal.

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