1870 Bothwell Castle by Thomas Annan


1870 Bothwell Castle by Thomas Annan

1870 Bothwell Castle by Thomas Annan

A photo by Thomas Annan, and an old photo at that! Taken in 1870, the subject is obviously the Bothwell Castle and River Clyde. The old negative plates offer great clarity and resolution over towards the ferry crossing on the Blantyre side, a little upstream from the Priory.

Gordon Cook once gave me some more information about the ferry crossing, which led across to a boathouse on the Bothwell side. Gordon added, “this was a very private affair. I believe this was for the sole use of the gamekeeper or gillie, employed by Lord Home to look after the Priory policies. Although for a long time owned by Lord Blantyre, the land was leased to Lord Home, they used to have wood auctions twice a year. This boat would go straight across to another jetty on the other side, just down the hill from Bothwell Castle.”

The photo I had was very faded, so Alex Rochead has kindly shared his excellent copy here.

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  1. My Dad was born in Bothwell in 1906 and his first job was in Bothwell
    Castle gardens. I think based on they left school quite early, I am
    thinking he would have been around 14 years old so this would be around the 1920’s
    I am looking for a sketch or painting of Bothwell Castle around that
    time and wondered if you could point me in the right direction.
    My Dad came from a family of six,
    three girls and three boys. His
    Father was a miner and always told us he was determined he was not
    going down the mines. He always did his gardening and in the 60’s
    was head gardener for Sir Gerald Nabarro. I think his time at Bothwell
    must have given him a good grounding for his future years.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks

    Jackie Wyatt

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