Cobblers, Stonefield Road

1970s Cobblers at Stonefield Road

1970s Cobblers at Stonefield Road

This may take you back. Pictured at the bottom of Stonefield Road, in the 1970’s is the former Cobbler’s shop. Previously Frank McGhee’s shop, and even before that Tommy Laughlin, this was the place to take your shoes to get mended. Of course, people did. New soles, insoles and segs. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the smell of leather and the racks of shoes in various stages of being fixed.

This building looks likely to have been constructed in the 1890’s and is now demolished, currently the carpark near the Scotmid Chemist and Priory Inn.

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Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember it well. What were the other shops on that side of the road in the 70s? I can remember across the road but not that side x

 Mary Sambou Butchers shop and Gilbert’s the bakers at the bottom

Jeanette Allardyce Ward I know there was Richardson bakers on the opposite side of the rd from the mcghees. Was there one on that side too? Can’t mind of the bakers either x

Paul McDermott Went in there for my football studs!

Marian Maguire Remember this wee shop well, went their often with the family shoes.

Jackie Johnston A can remember it lol

Anne Lappin Tommy Laughlin moved from Larkfield down to there

The Blantyre Project I didnt know that Anne. When roughly would that have been?

Anna-Marie Clark I remember the smell and how small the shop was

Frances Maguire Kelly Maguire Sharynn Sn remember the big dog

Mary Wood I wish it was still there… I don’t like asda…..

Hugh Mclaughlin In my time,Francy and Neily McGhie,were the cobblers,both now deceased, R.I.P.and the crabbits dug in Blantyre!!!!

Jean McIntosh Yes I remember the cobblers and like you Paul liked the smell if leather etc.

Sylvia Mclaughlin Aye remember the smell n the crabbit dug

Sharon Little Can anyone remember mickeys? I used to love going in there!

Neil Mcgill Wee pokey place but the guys new there stuff.

Margaret Brown Burns Also remember Mrs Woods and her (( chucker. )) sweeties. AND I forgot Dolly Vardins buns mmmmmm

Eileenann Dewar Jeez that picture just reminded me of the smell and a flashback to my childhood.

John Duncan Remember the smell gave you a sore head

Catherine Sneddon I remember this loved the smell of glue and leather x

Isobel Paterson Thinking back can smell it oh to go back in time 

Linda Ritchie I loved going to the cobblers – loved the smell too. Mustve been the mid 70’s when we went to the cobblers.

Mary Sambou Went there in the 60’s to early 70’s loved the smell

James Stirling we frank used to keep racing pigeons, but i dont think he ever beat them , nice fella

Sheena Thomson My uncle Robert Gilmour used to work as a cobbler in this wee shop in the mid sixties,because he counldn’t hear so well I would help out at the weekend.

Shirley Lally A loved the smell 

Angela Kerr Aw man I loved the smell in there school shoes got segs in there

Catherine Murphy I loved the smell when you went In the shop the shops on the other side of the road the rot iron gate shop then Mickie the laundrette

Robert Stewart Are you sure it was Tommy McLaughlin, I’m sure his name was Tommy Laughlin

Liz Allan The smell of glue and leather 💕 and the segs in your shoes he never let you down x

Stephen AllanDoes anyone know when the building was demolished as I have only ever known it as the car park between the Priory pub and the Scotmid shop?

Philip PohlerAye it was the glue smell i remember. Used to get your favourite boots soled and heeled
Kelly Maguire Frances Maguire remember the big dug, nearly came over the counter every time we went in 😂
Frances Maguire Oh that big dug was scary. Always went in with mum
Jackie MacDonald There was a window to the left of the door, & you could look in & you see the cobbler at work. Loved the smell of leather & glue in it. Your repairs were wrapped in brown paper & held firm with an elastic band.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I knew there was something missing from this pic. Remember the window x
Caroline Rundell I can still smell that shop when I think about it what lovely memories it brings back x
Sheena Thomson I worked in the shop with my Uncle Robert Gilmour he was a bit hard of hearing so when Mr Laughlin was on holiday I would go in and help him out with customers that was in the early to mid sixties during school holidays.
The Blantyre Project Sheena – were Frank and Nelly siblings or a couple?
Sheena Thomson Sorry Paul didn’t know them personally.
Maureen McGhie They were brothers
The Blantyre Project Maureen McGhie ah, its Neilly, i had Nelly in my notes. Thanks.
Hazel Krawczyk My dad temporarily was in there while his shop was being built further down and that was after the 80’s
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember this well. Loved the smell in the cobblers x
Teresa McKinnon I’m sure everyone who used this shop remembers the dog and the smell of the leather
Greer Litster He could fix anything !!!!! And he loved a challenge of things to fix!!!! I used to love the smell of the place lol
Gordon Mather It was the smell of the place I liked
David Blake That was pates newsagents for a while before it got tore down for the spar shop
Audrey Marshall The smell! You went in and either you caught the leather smell or the glue for glueing soles! I remember how low the building was too. And how busy it was at a time when it wasn’t trendy to recycle and you got your shoes fixed as they were meant to last until they didn’t fit you.
Elizabeth O’Donovan Mr McLaughlin was the grandfather of one of my schoolmates Patricia McNally
and I think I lived in a building between it and Norrises the food store
Isabella Johnston McShane i remember the dog, the smell of leather and the wee man with a tan overall on and the shoes being wrapped in brown paper
Anne Burns I remember going to this shop. It felt like walking back in time
Karen Menzies I remember the smell !
Carolyn Patterson we used to get our segs for our shoes loved the smell, happy memories !!!
Marian Maguire Manys a time I got shoes fixed in there, I loved the smell in the shop.
Ricky Mcculloch I was actually in the shop last week, i found an old ticket, i wanted my shoes soled, the ticket is twenty year old, but i popped in anyway, on the off chance, the old fellow took my ticket, then dissapeared for five minutes, when he came back, he asked if they were brown brouges? Excitedly i replied YES, he said they’ll be ready tomorrow!!!
James Nicholl It was demolished around 1995 / 1996 when the spar next door was refurbed and extended into the tunnel between the cobblers and the old smaller spar. Pates newsagents used it after the old shop across the road was demolished and waiting on the new one See more
Stephen Allan It must have been 95 as I started high school in August 96 at Blantyre High and Jeff Pates was in the building between the bookies and the hairdressers then. Also when I started high school in August 96 the mini car park was next to the spar just like it is today. Don’t remember the cobblers building at all.
James Nicholl Could be right. I know the Spar was extended in 1996 so the cobblers place may have been pulled down in 95 to make way for the car park etc
Fiona Broadley Semple It was like a time tunnel and the smell was amazing
Maureen McGhie Neilly was my father in law and as my husband is not of FB I will be showing him this. It will bring back lots of memories as he used to help his Uncle Francie 😊
Sharon Morrison Doonin Hi Maureen! Hope you are well. Xx
Susan Dorricott I got my leather laces in there when I was a huge AHA fan 😂😂
Lorraine A Ross Loved that shop in to gt segs for ma shoes 😂😂 oh good old days x
Carol Crombie I remember taking our shoes to Tommy’s – a wee step down into the shop and into the dark front shop.
Jim McSorley The coop also had a cobblers section in Auchinraith road left hand side next to the bakery.

Sally Jamieson I can still remember the face of one of the men who worked in there😛

Ann Durie Remember the wee shop and Frank well.
Excellent cobbler. Xx

Sadie Crawford Was in there often. Just loved the smell when when you walked in. This was in the days before the throw away culture
Sylvia Mclaughlin Remember dog always barking
Lynne Mclaughlin Aye, I remember it well 🙂 xx

Fairlie Gordon Yep, used to get them resoled or rehealed ( with segs ) in there ,

Sandra Murphy I loved the smell of this place as soon as uou walked thru the door.
I remember it well

Kate Mcinulty Remember it well. The smell of the leather and glue as you walked in the door.

Anne Marie Murray Remember it well we stayed at no 30 just up from it..

Susan Dorricott OMG loved this shop. I was a massive A-HA fan amd got all my leather lace straps out of here………….and I had lots and lots of them 😂😂

Elaine Speirs I loved that shop. You would get your shoes back in a brown paper bag. He could fix anything!

Liane Guthrie Remember the dug that used to bark at u from behind the counter

Rhona McIntyre Fantastic wee shop. 😁 😁

Ryan McDonagh Joanne McDonagh

Linda Smith Remember it well . The smell of the leather and glue.
Anne Cook Can rememer well the smell as well !!!

Janey Murray O I remember this, funny how you forget till something like this takes you back.

Margaret Mcculloch Did u kind of step down going into this shop I recall the brown bag and it was so dull the shop I was an incomer to Blantyre so don’t think it was there for long after wee moved in ….

Blantyre Project i remember the floor being lower than the doorstep too.

Tracy Stirling The smell was amazing inside. Got my shoes segged there many times 😁

Matthew Neil Lovely smell

Jane Maxwell All our family went there he was a good cobbler.

Anne Lappin Tommy Laughlins first shop was in Larkfield x

Catherine Sneddon Loved the smell when you entered the shop xx

Gail Chalmers Always remember the smell of glue when you walked in & how dark it was

James Sime I remember it was Geoff Pates newsagents just before it was demolished. Stepped down into a dark shop. The lights were just lightbulbs hanging on a long DIY wire – bit like Christmas lights.

Marian Maguire Sad that this wee business is gone, many a time i went in there to get boots and shoes heeled. Also loved the smell in the shop.

Anita Watson Talking about segs takes me back my boyfriend at the time always wore them ..

Eddie Mcguire Got Segs put in ma loafers in there

Thomas O’Neill He also sold the big rubber studs for your football boots.
James Rouse Am I correct in thinking that Frank’s brother was a priest In St Joseph’s.

Lex Mc Neill James Rouse no his brother was married to nan MAC neill of the west end bar .peter

Laurie Allan Crothers James Rouse I think you’re right. He also had another brother Neil McGhie who was the social conveynor in the Blantyre Columba Social Club. Neil definitely had a brother who was a priest and Frank was his other brother.

Lynn Anderson Loved the smell in this wee shop.

Elaine Anderson Did the guy no have a huge dog who used to jump up and look over the counter?? Or am I havering??
Sylvia Mclaughlin Elaine Anderson Yep n barked all the time😂
Anne Mosley Great wee cobblers ! X

Ann Marie Connelly Vivid memories of Mr McGhee’s cobblers. Down the wee stairs into the dark shop and getting your footwear back in a brown paper bag with the ticket on it. The smell is pleasantly unforgettable xx

Teresa Logie Remember it well and u had to step down to go into shop x

Betty Dargue Cant remember a chemist been there !!!

Rena Caullay I ‘ll never forget the smell. This picture takes me back a good few years.
Peter McCafferty I remember taking my mums shoes to be soled and heeled there…..the good auld days.

Nicola Kiernan James Hughes remember going here, dark tiny place that smelled of leather.


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  2. Charmers, the paint shop. Hope this helps u. Betty mc.

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