Old Parish Church Halls Bazaar 1892

This printed flyer has some interesting information on the outside and inside, relating to the intended construction of the 1892 Church Halls in High Blantyre. The flyer sought to inform people that a “Bazaar” (late Victorian fete) was to take place, to raise money for the construction of the halls.

The outside cover tells local people in 1892 of how the Church felt the need for new halls which would serve not only the Church but also assist the community as a whole. With no previous hall, there was a great need for this building which was proposed to also accommodate a library. The cost of the venture was to be £1,250 of which £750 had already been raised. The shortfall was proposed to come from a bazaar, or fundraising fete, which was to be held in Hamilton Town Hall on 24th-26th March 1892. The flyer notes that similar appeals were taking place in the town, perhaps related to other churches.

Patrons included Lord Blantyre and various prominent men and women from around Blantyre at the time, including the estate owners of Calderglen, Bardykes, Park, Greenhall, Crossbasket, Auchinraith and Bellsfield. The wives of the patrons often hosted stalls at such fetes and bazaars as was the case in this one. It would appear the community rallied around, not just at Kirkton at High Blantyre but from all over Blantyre. Younger women also received additional work at the fete, in many cases the daughters or young misses of the stall holders. This would likely have been duties like cleaning up, setting up, carrying things, bringing refreshments etc. The actual Bazaar Committee looks like they would each have had a personal interest in the project. I see builders like the Adams brothers, money managers like Neil Douglas, surveyors like Andrew Jackson, slaters and painters. The committee would have ensured the fundraising targets would be met, knowing some of them would likely later be engaged to build the hall. The hall had been built by 1893 and lasted for almost 100 years, at the corner of Hunthill Road and Main Street, at the Kirkton Cross.

You can read about the Circulating Library being added to the Church Halls here https://blantyreproject.com/2012/11/06/the-circulating-library/

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