Blood Transfusion on dead Blantyre lady

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 14.20.41A blood transfusion on a young Blantyre married woman, who apparently the time of the operation was dead, was  successful on 26th October 1933 and she was taken home to recover. The operation was performed on a Mrs Reid, who resided at Ulva Place, Low Blantyre. When she became ill, an urgent telephone message was sent to the County of Lanark Maternity Hospital at Bellshill, and two of the medical staff and a nurse hurried to the house, where two local doctors, one lady, were in attendance.

Prior to the arrival of the doctors, Mrs Reid was to have been removed to the hospital, but the doctors realised that she was in a grave condition. In fact she was unconscious, and to all appearance was dead. It was decided to carry out blood transfusion, and a brother of Mrs Reid’s, Mr James M’Bean, a sturdy fellow of 25 years of age, offered his blood for the operation. His blood was tested and was found to bo suitable for transfusion, so one pint of it was taken, and the operation on Mrs Reid was immediately performed. Although the doctors considered that the woman might be dead they never gave up hope, and after over an hour there were signs of her responding to the treatment. Latterly they brought her round, although she was in a very exhausted condition for some time.

The next day Mrs Reid was removed to the hospital at Bellshill for observation, but her recovery was so pronounced and speedy that she was discharged two days later. Her brother James, who gave his blood, was never up nor down, and had the doctors not advised him to stay off his work for a few days, he felt that he could quite easily have gone as usual. He told a press representative that was all right. He added that the doctors had stated officially that they had recognised the woman to be dead for four minutes and the life saving transfusion, occurring at the Ulva Place house, had “brought her back”.

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Moyra Lindsay Mrs Reid went on to live at 53 Cowanwilson Ave. Andy Callaghan!

The Blantyre Project Moyra – You know everybody in Blantyre! lol. I’d love to have half your knowledge on Blantyre people. wink emoticon

Moyra Lindsay Haven’t lived in Blantyre for 44 years. Moved all the way to Hamilton! The Reids were related to My husbands family as was nearly everyone in Ulva Place! Andy Callaghan moved to Cowanwilson ave in the fifties? Next door to my husbands family at 51. Simple! I used to hear a lot in the shop but learned to forget it as most of it couldn’t be repeated!

Andy Callaghan Let’s face it Moyra, you’re just a right busybody. And what about all those secrets from the shop? Spill the beans. Seriously, that’s interesting. It’s one of the good things about living in the same area al your life, it’s all connections, connections, connections

Moyra Lindsay Fortunately,Andy, can’t remember it all. I probably remember at four am but it’s gone by 8am!

Catherine Stevenson Amazing
Moyra Lindsay Her brother would be James McBain. They were all related to a Mr and Mrs Grant in Ulva Place. She took in Dons dad Andrew and his wee sister Margaret when their mum died December 1919 their dad had died in the June. We think from Spanish flu.

Jane Johnstone Can you imagine doctors and nurses rushing to anybody’s home to give urgent treatment nowadays..the poor wife would die today!

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