Calder Street School Demolition

I wanted to correct some information I noticed elsewhere online. In relation to Calder Street School, google searches frustratingly keep mentioning “Opened on Monday 26th October 1875. Demolished 28th June 2013”. If you see this online anywhere from others, I have to say the dates are completely wrong. Here are the facts.

Calder Street School actually opened in 1912. It was demolished in Summer 2010, lasting 98 years. It was Ness’s wee Primary School at Stonefield and High Blantyre Primary that opened on 26th October 1875. Here are a couple of photos from a few years back of the Calder Street school being demolished. Photos courtesy of Elaine Akelis. A modern photo of the new school is also attached, which was named “Auchinraith Primary School” courtesy of Jim Brown photographed in Winter 2010 upon its near completion. An entire history of Calder Street School can be found on the Blantyre Project website.

Robert Stewart told me, “On the 50th. anniversary of the opening of Calder Street School, the pupils were given a half day holiday while the staff had a celebratory lunch, that was in 1962.”

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  • Robert McLeod-Wolohan That was a brilliant school, i went to calder street secondary in the mid 60s, now im giving my age away lol

  • Jim McSorley What happened to the old bell on the outside facing the swing park ??
    • Chaz Mcm It’s displayed in the new schools foyer 
    • The Blantyre Project many parts of the old school were saved. I’ve scheduled a post about this for December…..

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  1. Lorna Isabella Wilson

    Went to Calder street School Glasgow. Loved net ball. Swimming was sports girl for the year before trophys were handed out.Miss Hillman was my teacher. Attended Cuthbertson Primary Schhool. Miss Smith was my first teacher. In my 70. Is there anyone who was in my class?

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