Three Heritage Projects for Blantyre

Together with some backing from Blantyre Community Committee, I have recently sent away three separate grant applications for individual heritage and conservation projects within Blantyre. I think they are worthwhile and are around the themes of Restoring, Protection and Replacement. Detailed costings, suggestions, plans, photos and history have this week been sent to Historic Scotland for the following proposals.

  1. To restore the broken sections of wall along Stoneymeadow Road.
  2. To protect the Calder Riverbank at Milheugh by use of gabion baskets
  3. To replace the Water Fountain at Kirkton, High Blantyre (with non working replica)

I’ve put the strongest case forward for each but its unlikely all three will be awarded. However, it’s hoped for success in one or two of the proposals. A decision is to be made at the end of the year and I’ll keep everybody posted once I know the outcome.

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