1971 Stonefield Park Gala Day

Thank you to Gail Duncan, for sharing these photos. The date is 1971, the location, Low Blantyre Public Park at Stonefield. These Gala day photos show Gail’s aunt being crowned Gala Queen. Gail told me, “My aunts name at the time was Joan hunter and she was Blantyre YMCA gala queen the newspaper one shows her being crowned by the previous years queen Fiona Scott.”

Gail’s family must have luck on their side for this privileged position. Gail’s daughter Leah , was randomly chosen in June 2015, to become the 2015 Gala Day Queen!

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  • Kirsty Baird Mum you look gorgeous! Love the pic of u Gran and Granda xxx
    • Joan Baird thanks pal I had a great day and was so proud to be chosen to be the gala queen xxx
    • Gerry Walker Joan, testing your memory here, was Caroline lyle or Francis Greenhorn your ladies in waiting?


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  1. Hi Gerry I will need to think hard about that one dont think it was Frances shes my cousin and im sure i would have remembered maybe Caroline Lyle would be a good shout x

  2. The advertiser pic is from 1974 or 75. I was 15 at the time! How time flies. The maid of honour was Caroline lyle.

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