Not so “fly” tipping at Milheugh

crapFly Tipping?? There’s was nothing “fly” about this. Not in some woods, not at the side of the road, not in a lay-by. More like BLATANT tipping. Where? Ladies and gentlemen, some absolute dimwit has tipped it right in the middle of the field at Milheugh!! Not sure i have the energy to keep phoning the council about clean ups……its a losing battle against these morons with NO morals whatsoever (for the sake of saving £40 at the tip).

I’ve fought in the past about collapsable bollards being put up at Greenhall….but this location is different. Vehicles have NO right to be in that field at any time, other than council maintenance. Time for collapsable bollards at Hunthill Road (white gates) and more at the bend at the bottom of the Pech Brae. (close enough together to stop quads)

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  • Alison Glen Would totally support bollards in these locations. Sick listening to the quad bikes racing each other and the rubbish that also gets dumped.
  • Alan Baird here here
  • Andrew Little Tossers
  • Lesley Hartley Disgraceful!!!!
  • Brian Weaver If you check the litter, you may well find some envelopes with the address of the dimwit. A farmer I knew once had the same problem and he loaded a trailer with the trash and dumped it in front of that dimwit’s house. Didn’t have any more trouble.
  • Marian Maguire Quite right Brian Weaver , that is the best thing to do, dump it on them. I just came from Hairmyres and noticed the council have temporary cameras all over the place, well the should put them on muttonhole road and top of Sydes brae, as every other day rubbish is dropped here. Muttonhole road is only yards from the dump and still they throw it in then lay-bye.
  • Alan Reardon Fly tipping has been a problem for years in the Blantyre area and it’s not just businesses. A wee word of warning though if you do see rubbish and there is paperwork with addresses on them don’t tell the environmental health that you have found letters as they can’t prosecute unless they find them themselves.
  • Helen Mclaughlin Quite right alan its disgusting . Its only short drive to recycling centre why cant they just go there ?
  • The Blantyre Project Calder side road now also has a massive fresh pile of glass and rubber tipped in a lay-by, near Sydes Brae junction. The pile is SO huge that its spills into a third of the road (which is already narrow enough anyway) I think higher fines are needed.
  • Helen Mclaughlin Defo fine them
  • Michael Mcginley Just goes to show what kind of people they are
  • Carol Crombie It’s the same at old Ferme Road and at the football pitches my dad regularly collects broken bottles in bin bags! No thought for man nor beast.

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