Doon the Clyde wi Andy Bain

Shared with Blantyre Project in May 2015, are these 2 photos. Blantyre man, Andy Bain took them both whilst out walking down at the River Clyde. The first shows a group of young men and women filming “something” under the David Livingstone Bridge. No other info on that picture. The other , near the weir, are a couple of fisherman. Andy told me in May, “Up to there ‘nicky nacky noos’ in the Clyde below the bridge today.”

I make no apology for including modern Blantyre photos on this website. All photos, comments and posts are being archived very carefully for inclusion in the National Library and in the Blantyre Library. If kind people are willing to take the time to send them, in they’ll be shared and put in scheduled posts to show all the readers of this page. After all, today’s photos will be very interesting, not just for the present viewing, but even more so sometime in future. Children will one day gaze upon those photos and think “Old Blantyre”.

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