Bridge Mill River Runs Clear

2005 Lees Burn enters the Calder at Bridge Mill

2005 Lees Burn enters the Calder at Bridge Mill

The Lee or Lees Burn is a stream which rises at “Mains Castle” in East Kilbride Parish and forms the Parish Boundary for about a mile before it enters the Rotten Calder river, near “Bridge Mill” at Crossbasket.

Interestingly, where the Lees Burn meets the rotten Calder river at the Bridge Mill location, exactly across the water from the Crossbasket Tower, an interesting phenomenon occurs. The clear waters of the Lees Burn cascades into and mixes with the darker, soil stained waters of the Calder, the two different purities clearly visible. Quite a sight to observe!

Pictured here in 2005 by Alex Rochead is that exact site. You can see th clear water cascading down into the River Calder, the photo taken from standing behind Crossbasket Tower.

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Chris Ladds It is an attractive mesmerising sight to see.  The Lee(s) Burn is an unusually clear stream as it is born from what was once termed the “Glengovel Water supply” fed by this burn and the Capelrig Burn, and why the Reservoir was built at Stoneymeadow long ago. Before the Burn was called the Lee(s) it was known as the Nerston Burn (North-east town burn).

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