1978 Glasgow Road everyday scene

We all like seeing new photos of Glasgow Road, especially if its a time many of us remember. These four photos were taken in 1978, a year or so before the buildings were demolished.

At a time before the Sports Centre or Asda, the shops and buildings here look modern, but were approaching 90 years old. It may be difficult for younger generations to look at these photos and understand where they were, but if you look at the background to the Stonefield Tavern and the buildings there, you should be able to put the scene into context. The buildings on the right, are now where Stonefield Public Park is, and the circular hand landscaped area. The photos I’m sure will serve as a good record of the destruction that occurred in our lively, and vibrant town in the late 1970s. You only need to look at similar sized towns like Larkhall, to see how they still thrive with a busy main street.

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  • Henry Hambley Wonderful memories from this picture. My mother did a lot of her shopping in this part of Glasgow Road: Pate the newsagent, Little the Bakers (wonderful rolls), Butchers (? Richardsons), Douglas the fishmonger, not forgetting the Co-op at the corner of Glasgow Road and Herbertson Street. Yes, I agree that in those days, Blantyre was still a vibrant community.
  • Anne Mackie Yes Liked living in Blantyre then Why do the council have to destroy anything good and replace it with souless areas Whose pockets were nicely lined?
    Drew Semple little’s bakers ended up our first shop before asda regenerated our town!!! frown emoticon
    Frances McDonald Great memories .
    Margaret Bell Wish it was back to those days. x
    Andrew Little Would be good to turn the clock back and shoot those so called “town planners”
  • Anne Irvine The vacant units in the “clydeview shopping centre” (what a joke) r a total EYESORE.
  • Joanne Thomson My parents moved from Blantyre to Larkhall almost 20 years ago. Asda opened in Larkhall last year and literally ‘Blantyre’d’ the Main Street, such a same that vibrant local shops are having to close as a result of this. And yes, although we Iive local to Hamilton town centre, also destroyed, but by SLC I try to shop local as much as I can, as do my parents but when big business comes it’s unfortunately hard for local shops to keep afloat…
    • The Blantyre Project I’m sorry to read this Joanne. My wife and her family come from Larkhall. I’m sure they’d be bitterly disappointed if they see the heart ripped out of the Main Street by Asda or large retail parks.
    • Joanne Thomson It’s really sad isn’t it Paul?  
      Hamilton have started a local
      Shopping thing called there’s heart in Hamilton, I just hope it’s enough to mean the heart isn’t ripped out of the town.

      SLC would appear to have absolutely no consideration for its town centres, especially with car park charges. Such a shame our town centres are being destroyed.
      Catherine Sneddon I remember the chemist and in the space where billboard is sat the royal bank of Scotland the bakers and farrells at end opening to the park then the pub x

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