Shop Gutted on opening day

2009 Peters Butchers, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

2009 Peters Butchers, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Tenants of the house above a shop had to make a hurried escape, when fire broke out in a fish and chip shop at 239 Glasgow Road, Blantyre on Friday 11th October 1935. (Reporters had this wrong stating 249 Glasgow Road) /Within a few minutes the inside of the shop was a raging furnace.

The property is two-storey one, and the house above was occupied by a Mr Thomas Rusk, a widower, and his family. They had to beat a hasty retreat, and had no time to remove any of their belongings. The No. 2 branch premises of Blantyre Co-Operative Society, which is a long three storeyed building, is only separated by eight feet from the fish shop. Employees tackled the flames with extinguishers, and assistance was given by men carrying pails of water. The flames were thus held in check until the arrival of the Cambuslang detachment of Lanark County Fire Brigade. The fish shop, which has been closed for several months, was to have been opened that day by Mr Charles Gray, Halfway, Cambuslang. It was completely gutted, but the house above was saved, although damaged by water.

This building was built in 1891 and as per this 2009 Google photo, is in modern times Peters the Butchers.

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