2015 Auchentibber Quoiting Green ruins

2015 Auchentibber Quoting Green ruins (PV) in January.

2015 Auchentibber Quoting Green ruins (PV) in January.

I was determined in January to visit Auchentibber Quoiting Green, or at least visit it anytime in Winter. Every time I’ve previously been there has been in Summer and the site is so overgrown with nothing much to see. January afforded the perfect opportunity to see what stones and features remain, without the hassle and obstruction of all the greenery and growth.

I wasn’t disappointed. Seeing this site in Winter is definitely the way to see what is still there. I managed to climb into places I hadn’t been to before, allowing better photographs of the remaining stone arches and balustrades.

I took this series of photos which show the arches and some of the foundations of the stone balustrades. The iron rods protruding from the foundations are still visible, where the balustrades were attached.

The flat profile of the old Quoting Green itself can still be seen. Only a couple of arches remain, the stone balustrades almost all removed now. An interesting area to visit, and one which has clearly seen more popular and better times.

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