1910 Shuttle Row, Blantyre

1910 Shuttle Row, Blantyre

1910 Shuttle Row, Blantyre

This remarkable photo dates from around 1910.

Pictured is Shuttle Row, Low Blantyre. Former birthplace of David Livingstone and captured in this scene a full 18 years before the building was turned into a museum.

I hope like myself, this is the first time you may have seen this rare photo. A group of boys stand in front of the houses, which were known at the time to be in a pretty bad condition. The boys do actually look fairly well dressed, with white shirts, perhaps photographed on a Sunday on their way to service, or maybe just simply dressed for the photo. The shadow of the cameraman is in the foreground. One of the boys is carrying a stick. Washing is thrown over the railways in one of the houses.

I know various Blantyre Project readers have commented in the past they had family living at Shuttle Row around this time, so perhaps these young boys are related to you!?


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  1. My Great Great Great Grandfather William Brownlie lived in Shuttle Row and died there in 1904. Think his son Thomas Brownlie was brought up there to.

  2. Love this, my grandad was born in shuttle Row in 1896. Would love to think he is one of the boys in this picture đŸ™‚

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