1897 Everyday Life at Shuttle Row

1897 Shuttle Row, Low Blantyre. Shared by E Beckett.

1897 Shuttle Row, Low Blantyre. Shared by E Beckett.

This is Shuttle Row, Blantyre Works in 1897. Some 118 years ago, these fourteen people lined up outside the property to get their photo taken by the camera. Women and children hang out the upper windows, a cat plays nearby and the children stand in their bare feet on that ground, which looks so hard and muddy!

These are likely the families of weavers and miners. Perhaps you know of families who used to live at Shuttle Row before it became a museum in 1929.

The youngest kids are moving around a little too much for the photographer resulting in a blur. Thank you to Elizabeth Beckett in America for sharing this rare photo with Blantyre Project.

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  1. Great pics of Shuttle Row Paul, I wonder if Elizabeth Beckett had family there in the 1800’s, and whether she would be willing to share details with the Project or with individuals like myself who share an interest in the families there ?

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