Quarter of a Million Web hits!

Blantyre Project reached Quarter of Million hits!

Blantyre Project reached Quarter of Million hits!

Today, Blantyre Project hit an notable milestone. The main website at http://www.blantyreproject.com hit one quarter of a million visitors since launching almost three years ago! I’m astounded by that volume of global traffic, which relates to individual visitors, not page counts.

To celebrate, and in anticipation of this, last weekend the website was upgraded. Expanded to add storage capacity, better navigation and split into further sub categories. Long lists have now been sub divided into categories making things much easier to find but still in chronological order that such history websites require. This has also preserved the structure for additional future content.

The website is now far more pictorial too, with catchy graphical headers added making the history a little more fun, and not dry lists of facts. Other upgrades include a Video module which will soon see added Blantyre related films being incorporated into the website itself. Fonts and graphics have been altered to have the same, familiar Blantyre Project brand running through them, adding a more professional feel. In addition, photos being added will now be much more search engine friendly, being found faster on Google.

The Facebook page will continue to operate with brand new daily content automatically scheduled from the main website. I’m not a fan of repeating the same content, but some Facebook readers may have recently seen some stories that although are online for the first time, may have previously been read in my books. If you do follow on Facebook, please give a post or two a “like or comment”. In January this year, Facebook changed the rules for pages, meaning if a page subscriber hasn’t liked or commented on a post for a year, they’re automatically dropped from a page’s likes. The page owner has no control over this, and Facebook have done this to ensure the audience remains engaged. Despite this, Blantyre Project’s Facebook page has never been so popular currently over 9,600 people following the daily scheduled posts!! Scheduling means new content is posted there in advance, without me having to be there each day. Indeed, if i were run over by a bus tomorrow, the page would continue to have new content posted well into September!!

What’s coming up? Some incredible photos, brand new stories and a continuation of uniquely researched articles. With offline presentations planned for this Autumn, a possible short film AND an exciting whole series of further different Blantyre books currently in various stages of draft, I’m really excited for whats coming in the remainder of 2015. Blantyre Project has gone beyond being a hobby for me. Its now a burning passion.  A lot of effort goes into ensuring the articles are varied, of interest to an many people as possible and as informative as I can make them. Taking up most of my spare time, its something I’m exceptionally proud of and I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy this page.

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