2015 Mindless Fencing & Vandalism

Yes, you read that headline right, “Mindless fencing” (and vandalism).

I’ve recently written here about paths at Milheugh Estate, alongside the river bank being eroded. The council did take some action, by spending 2 days putting up a staked wooden fence alongside the River Calder at a point where the erosion was particular bad. I’m assuming this was a temporary safety measure as such fencing in the Calder, only screams “firewood” to some people!

My point was proven, when only a few days later, the entire fence now lies on the ground, pulled down by vandals. It is a pointless and fruitless waste of time , money and effort putting up wooden fences in the calder. The riverbank needs proper gabion mesh and stone baskets as long lasting protection against erosion AND vandalism. Pictures taken on 24th May 2015.

I’ll give that wood laying on the ground, one week.

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