2015 Flytipping persists in Blantyre

2015 Jan. Auchentibber fly tipping. (PV)

2015 Jan. Auchentibber fly tipping. (PV)

How dismayed I was to be enjoying a nice walk in Auchentibber, then to turn the corner and be greeted by this dismal sight at the side of the road. It would appear this individual is still living in a time warp, thinking the Blantyre rufuse tip is still up this way! I can’t comprehend how commercial vehicles , for the sake of avoiding a £30 charge at the tip, will blatantly and without any second thought dump their contents at the side of a scenic road. It is us, the taxpayers who pay for the eventual clear up of this!

Briefly sifting through this tip, i found some papers belonging to a company in Cambuslang and phoned it to let them know where they could collect their rubbish from. I detest fly tippers, blighting my home town.

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  1. Well done you! I detest these people, they ruin our countryside and create pollution. They are selfish and have no consideration for others.

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