1924 Gardening at Crossbasket

As you may know by now, I’ve written a book about the “History of Crossbasket.”

1924 Gardener at Crossbasket

1924 Gardener at Crossbasket

Whilst researching the book, I gathered together all the photos and pictures I had of Crossbasket, into chronological order. Whilst doing this, I obtained some higher resolution pictures that allowed me to zoom in on detail previously not noticed before. One such time is this photo of 1924, which shows the Gardener at Crossbasket working hard on the flower beds and rockery on the lower terraced gardens.

It looks like he’s clearing out leaves from the water feature which was once at that very location and it appears he has noticed the photographer! The Ross family were historically gardeners at Crossbasket living in the lodges for a time, but it is not thought this man is related. Centuries of ivy on the retaining wall in the background has led to some damage on the wall itself visible today. At the time of this article the gardens are due to be landscaped again, currently neglected whilst the new Crossbasket owners focus on the building, soon to be a luxurious wedding venue. I’m assured they will turn their attention to the gardens in due course.

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