Kirk and Scotty boldly go

scottykirkcensusthumbHaving been subscribed to various census and ancestry websites, I have this month been as excited as other members who noticed an entry in the 1841 census showing incredibly what is marked as:

Montgomery Scott 35, and
James T Kirk 30

recorded in Linlithgow, Scotland, on the night the census was taken in 1841.

A reference many Star Trek fans will know as the names of the famous Engineer and Captain. It had people scrambling online to research the ancestry of these people when it was first announced. There were online suggestions that Gene Roddenbury had used this entry to name his sci-fi characters. Now, at the end of April, The National Records of Scotland have confirmed this was an April fool hoax which they kept going the rest of the month! I have to say, like others, i was more than a little disappointed to know that this image had been doctored  to include the two erroneous time-travellers.

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