Cocksburn Dam

The Cocksburn Dam at Mid Letterick

The Cocksburn Dam at Mid Letterick

Pictured here by Alex Rochead, is the Cocksburn Dam.

A remarkable piece of stone architecture dating from the 1820’s with the purpose of damming the Cocks Burn immediately adjacent to Mid Letterick Farm. Around 10 feet tall, by 16 feet wide built of stone masonry, the dam contained a sluice mechanism to control and let the water flow into a lade, which ran directly past the Letterick Mill turning the wheel.

Although slightly outwith Blantyre Parish in Cambuslang Parish, approximately half a mile directly North of Crossbasket House, the Cocksburn flows into Blantyre and the Calder woodland joining the Rotten Calder River near the Greenhall Viaduct pillars. The dam is in remarkably good condition for a structure almost 200 years old. The area is 116m above sea level and is largely forgotten about, well worth a visit. The easiest route to see this is by road, entered from the Dalton Road, near the junction at Stoneymeadow.


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