View from Hamilton Road

2015 View from Glasgow Road facing South

2015 View from Hamilton Road facing South

On 11th February 2015, I was contacted by Gillian Cunningham who lives in Hamilton Road, at Spittal, on the outskirts of Blantyre. She has just recently had her trees cut in front of her home and now found herself with a marvellous view facing South over fields towards Flemington. Gillian wrote asking, “Can you tell us what our view is and what proximity Millheugh is across the fields ? We have a view of Clydsdale horses to the left at Malcolmwood”

Marking up a Google Earth map, I was able to show Gillian what the nearest properties are beyond the fields and approximate distances. It would appear Gillian now has a view to the fields at Letterick and Crossbasket, albeit both over 1 mile away. In my marked up map, the Blantyre Parish Boundary is shown in blue, indicating that Gillian’s view is actually facing out to Cambuslang Parish.

Would you like me to investigate something or somewhere? Perhaps some help with ancestry? Just let me  know. I’m always happy to assist anything that has a Blantyre connection.

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