Tracing Cavanagh / Kelly family

John Cavanagh

John Cavanagh

This was a long lost family request, so I hoped for a good response.

In February 2015, I was contacted by Lizzie Cavanagh.  In the following message she sent me, I’ve added “Coatshill” to Lizzie’s email, as Heathcliffe Avenue is in Low Blantyre, not High Blantyre. Lizzie told me, “My family lived on Heathcliffe Avenue, Coatshill, Blantyre between (I’m almost sure) late 1940’s/ early 50’s until 1980’s. I wondered if anybody knew them…either the ‘Cavanaghs or Kelly’s. My dad, John Cavanagh came to Birmingham in 1978. 

John Cavanagh was born 1934. He lived at Heathcliffe Avenue and I know he married and had three sons, John, Joseph and James. I’m led to believe his son John was the youngest and would be around 47-50, now.

Sadly my dad died in 1996 aged 61.  His family wouldn’t know as he was quite young and I was just trying to trace anybody who could help connect with them. Similarly his Blantyre relatives and family wouldn’t know I exist and they would be my half siblings. I have been looking for years but had no clues. This website is on the actual doorstep and so much closer to his actual home, so close in fact that a lot of people I have seen writing here are similar ages. At Heathcliff Avenue I think he lived at 43 or perhaps 53. x”

On social media on 17th February 2015, in just 1 day, John Cavanagh’s son John was traced to Coatshill and is now reunited with his long lost half sister. A story that ended well.

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  1. Robert lea cavanagh

    I miss you dad I am Robert lea cavanagh born on 24 08 1980 and also have a sister Elizabeth cavanagh born on 16/08/1978 i have another 3 brothers who are and were born in Scotland which probably don’t know if I even exist I would like to get to know what you remember of our dad and I miss him so much as he died when I was just 15 if you are john Joseph or James cavanagh who’s father was also of the same name if you want to get to know me u can buy contacting me on 07935077999

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