1948 High Blantyre Girls Brigade

2009 High Blantyre Baptist Church by Jim Brown

2009 High Blantyre Baptist Church by Jim Brown

In July 1948, a local girls’ life brigade company was formed and started to operate under the guidance of High Blantyre Baptist Church. Enthusiasm for the creation of such an organisation was manifest by the large number of girls who attended the first meeting with the purpose of getting the company formed.

The Girls’ Guildry, a predecessor of the Girls Life Brigade, was a church-centred organisation, founded originally in Scotland in 1900, providing programmes for four age groups. Its varied activities were aimed at helping girls to become mature Christian women. The movement was interdenominational and international, with a strong emphasis on service to others.

1936 Baptist Church, Main Street

Baptist Church, Main Street

In Summer 1948, about 70 girls enrolled at 294 Main Street, with requests for anybody else wanting to attend to come along to the first official meeting at the last Friday in August. The company was opened to girls of 6 years and over. The officer appointed to take charge of the new High Blantyre company was Capt. Jean McEwan. Margaret Bell was appointed Lieut. I have not been able to get a photo of the old Baptist Church, but pictured is the smaller, replacement modern building that stands now on the exact same spot.  High Blantyre Baptist Church, Main Street photographed in 2009 by Jim Brown.

Source of article: Blantyre Gazette 17th July 1948

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  1. My mother, Ann Orr at the time (born 1941) called it the “GLBs”. She was a prize winner one year. Sorry, no idea what year!

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