1990 Caspers Nightclub, Glasgow Rd

It may seem strange to some of the younger Blantyre generation, but Blantyre had a FEW nightclubs over the years, something lacking these days. I thought I would dig out a few ‘Caspers’ nightclub photos  from 1990. Caspers was a nightclub on the Glasgow Road, in the building that is now currently Blantyre Library, corner of Victoria Street. Photos of the inside of Caspers seem to be few and far between, so hope this brings back some memories for some people. The date is July 1990, one Saturday evening.

This was the days of £3 to get in, free if you were in before midnight. The picture from the balcony (my vantage point every weekend!), was where my friends Sandy, Tommy & Peter Leggate and I would stand, preferring to have a full 360 degree view of what was going on! I recall buying Asda (female) managers a drink every Saturday at the bar, which would mean overtime was assured the following weekend. Something that could never happen these days! My drink was a pint of Snakebite and Blackcurrent (or commonly known as a Diesel), which if I remember was £1.25. The music was 50% Stock, Aitken and Waterman (More Kylie, Jason, Sonia, Hazel Dean!!), but it was turning more towards a better, more mainstream dance era, with Technotronic, Rebel MC, Soul to Soul etc. Musical artists played week on week in this club included Big Fun, Betty Boo, Black Box, Adamski, MC Hammer and Neneh Cherry. Of course the occasional howler like Jive Bunny was thrown in, as well as old classics like “Dignity” from Deacon Blue and The Waterboys, “Whole of the moon”. Who can remember the sticky, lager soaked dark blue carpets. I’m not sure why I’m wearing a suit? That certainly wasn’t the norm for me. All in all, fun and good times.

Putting the picture up on social media prompted a wave of memories and comments.

Geraldine McLaughlin said, I was the manager in Caspers back then , hard to believe it was 25 years ago !

Jude Lewis added, I remember getting locked in the cellar when a fight kicked off.

Kelly Ann Ramsay said,Was there a cut out of casper the ghost on the wall outside? I seem to remember thinking it was a kids place that i was never allowed to go to, not realising it was a nightclub

David Lanaghan said, I remember ex celt joe miller taking the entrance money on a sat nite
Alan Baird spent many a night in there lol
Carole M Castle I think you and Kenneth took me there it was the telephone box that I remember most about that place x

Alan Baird cant think of that carole i dont know if we were ever out in company at all , i just cant remember , if it was anywhere it would be vals at high blantyre top cross
Ray Couston Being born in 1989, the idea of nightlife and nightclubs in Blantyre is alien to me. Saturdays can be good in the right pub/company but your night has to come to an end at half 12/1 am, Roc in Hamilton is your only local option now if you want to drink on until 3am, which is a place I don’t fancy, so it’s taxis into Glasgow. Something like this locally again would be amazing. It would be great if one of the pubs in Blantyre could apply for late licenses until 3am. I reckon, if word got out, it would be a success.
Blantyre Project I think the closest Blantyre will get to that in the short term is the opening of the student union at the new University at High Blantyre. Presumably there will be some entertainment for students, but i agree, a new nightclub or some sort of late night entertainment in Blantyre is overdue.
Ray Couston That’s an exciting prospect for the town. Looking forward to seeing what comes of that.
Ray Couston I am sure you’ve posted about this before. I’ll run a search on your page and see if I can find the posts. 🙂
Fiona Allen Sharon Kyle many a night spent in here x
Marie McVey Crossar Great memories here. Diamond blush at the bar! Or K cider!
Blantyre Project pint of snakebite or diesel.
Marie McVey Crossar Cider n green ginger! Boak. Midouri n bezique!
Michelle Devine Brilliant memories went wen it was caspers good old days x
Abigail M Mullings Loved this place, so many memories! Long vodkas and Redstripe were my drink of choice at the time…😂
Fiona Mackenzie Pure class Abi!!
Abigail M Mullings Fiona Mackenzie lol ano 😂😂😂
Anne Mosley I remember it but never was in it ! X
Karen Forbes Murphy Shona Ross remember this place ? 😂😂

Jackie Anderson Many great nights in there
Collette Maguire Gardiner Fab memories from there and ziggys across the road 😂
Manny Devlin Love this place
Andrew James Baillie Some of the best pal.
Michael Maguire Some great nights mate.
Brian Mackenzie Agreed, loved that place, we didnae bother nobody, cans ay redstripe bottles of K cider, hovering over the blantyre talent…. then chips n cheese for the walk hame 😂😂😂 superb 😜👍🏻
William Mullen o wit,lol
Eddie Mcguire Never oot the place ziggies to magic times
Eddie Mcguire Better during the mushroom season Wullie 😁🤤
Anton Le Grandier My god-the memories!😄
Willie Frame Good memories
Shona Ross Karen Forbes Murphy. One of our old haunts. Many a hangover & snog was achieved in that place l😂😂 ( snake bite or half pint Diesel 🍺🍺)
June Taylor Brenda Sloan Helen Boyd Ted mccarroll
Marié Rodwell I worked in ziggies and on my break I’d nip over to caspers for a drink dance and snog lol … met my son’s sperm donor there ..he worked on the door for a wee while lol
George Crighton Good times Blantyre misses good night life
John Queen ended up in Caspers on Fuzzies stag night full of Acid 🙂
Gavin Weir Nearly as mad as your stag night John
Carol McLaughlin I remember it well Ashley xx
Joey Peachy Campbell Wee glass from back in the day ha

Image may contain: drink
Mari Russell Not a patch on Ziggys ma pal we had besr DJ .. Starky lol 😂memories Janette Stark xxx
Karen Forrest Hazel Houldsworth blast from the past! X
Hazel Houldsworth Remember i had my party in there think it was my 18th 😂😂
Lorna De Luca Good memories Janette Stark xx
Ian Reid I remember it
Laura Sillars That’s what I thought lol, it’s the suit and that’s throwing me lol x
Margaret Anne Stevenson Sillars He always wore a suit going out lol
Laura Sillars Well it’s him then lol x
Julie Dunn Loved this place. My boyfriend now husband and I spent many a saturday night here. We always found the bouncers to be very friendly and welcoming. Loved the dj Davie. He was brilliant and always said hi when he saw us. Remember a lot of the music u mention like the water boys and deacon blue. Also remember James with Sit down
Angie Wilson Aww the memories..luved a night in Caspers 👻👻
Mary Sambou Carole Anne Wilson and Karen Glen are in the top picture… Probably under age
Angie Wilson Ha no way is that Carole Anne Wilson on the left with her curly hair I thought this was an oldies pic cause it’s black and white 🤣🤣 x
Mary Sambou It is an oldie 😂

Carole Anne Wilson Mary Sambou of course we were under age!!x
Carole Anne Wilson Hey u 2!x it was the fashion!!x
Mary Sambou Your grounded
Carole Anne Wilson Hey u 2 it was the fashion xx
Isabella Mcginty Was it a Sunday night if you bought a drink you get a other one or was it half price.
Blantyre Project there were times when i was in there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Hungover until Wednesday!lol
Sharon McCafferty Blast from the past lol Ann Mcinulty half pints of diesel lol
Scott Cameron How funny that it closed it 1991 when I distinctly remember being drunk and didn’t reach the heady heights of 18 till 1992 Beth McNaughton Angela Kerr Gordon Tominey Jonathan Dorricott Wullie WalkerGreer Litster
Greer Litster Ha ha ha me too whoops!!!! In fact I’m pretty sure I have lots of pictures in the loft !!!!!
Gordon Tominey dont know what you are talking about fella. The first alcoholic beverage i touched was in the March of 1993
Wullie Walker A still wouldn’t get in today
Greer Litster Was it not Sharon Kane’17th and 18’th we were in for?
Scott Cameron I went a few times but always for “18th” birthdays that seemed to happen a year before they turned 18
Angela Kerr Oh my days there’ll be some pictures kicking about somewhere pmsl 😆
Scott Cameron Did we have cameras in those days???
Euan Kerr First club I ever went to for under 18’s night lol
Sharon Kane I remember Caspers well, i had my 17th birthday party in there, a great night



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  1. Whatever happened to it?

  2. That has jogged a lot of memories for me. I was the DJ when Geraldine was in charge and I loved it, best resodency I ever had.

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