Thanks to people of Blantyre

Antique pen and inkwellThe following people have had their comments “immortalised in print” in the new Blantyre book. Their words are clearly marked with their names beside. In first name alphabetical order, if you’re on this list, you made it into the book! Feel free to TAG the picture with people you know here.Thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

Alan Baird
Alan Dorricott
Alan Jackson
Alex Bowie
Alex Rochead
Amanda Dawson
Amanda Hobbs
Angela Gunn
Anne Grogan
Arlene Cambell
Arlene Green
Carol Crombie
Caroline Kilgour
Caroline Lee
Cat Leonard
Chris Ladds
Daniel Anderson
David Thomson
Dennis Kane
Ean Paul
Elizabeth Cardoo Anderson
Elizabeth Grieve
Elizabeth O’Brien
Gary Doonin
Gord Fotheringham
Gordon Dunsmuir
Gerry Kelly
Greg McCart
Helen Jackson
Helen Robb
Helen Williams
Hugh Nicholson
Ian Innes
Ina Saunders
Jackie MacDonald
James Campbell
Jamie Stirling
Jane Bainbridge
Jim Brown
Jim McSorely
John Sutton
John Whyte
Julie Doran
Ken McCluskey
Lex McNeil
Linda Gilmour Roberts
Liz Allan
Lynn Taylor Douglas
Marianne Timmons
Marion Anderson
Marion Robertson
Marion Smith
Margaret Wilson
Mary Cushley
Mary Davies
Matt Nicholson
Maureen McCallum
Maureen Moran
Michael McGinley
Michael McGovern
Moira Pacheco
Nicola Crowe
Robert Brownlie
Robert Stewart
Rose Lee
Ryan Buchanan
Sandra Boyle
Stephen Speirs
Stevie McLean
Stuart McIntosh
Stewart Willis
Susan Mayes
Susan Walker Graham
Thomas Barrett
Tracey McDougall
Wilma Bolton
William Campbell


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