Andrew Gilmours, Glasgow Road

c1910 Tram at Glasgow Road

c1910 Tram at Glasgow Road

Andrew Gilmours on Glasgow Road, a photo taken between 1903 – 1910. Glasgow Road trams are running and this photo, now shown here in high resolution is the first time I was able to tell that Andrew Gilmours wasnt just the shop at the end, but the signage also suggest it was the whole building (Gilmours Buildings) with another shop to the left of the canopy.

The postcard is incorrectly titled “Main Street” but is of course “Glasgow Road”.

Here are some interesting local adverts associated with this shop.They suggest Gilmours Buildings were officially known as “Gilmours Place”, even although the frontage was on to Glasgow Road. This was quite a common practice in days before numbering addresses along busy streets.

Thanks to Alex Rochead and Robert Stewart for providing these better, higher resolution photos than the blurry ones I had previously.

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